Use the WENE Application Builder for your own MySQL based developments!

Essentially WAB works like that:

  1. Specify a data model and define your table(s) in mySQL e.g. with the mySQL workbench or direct CREATE queries
  2. Define fields and there language dependent descriptions in function _wta_f
  3. For the main table define a business object header in WENE function _wbo_h
  4. Optionally connect joined tables with _wbo_joins to this business object
  5. Define frames and field definitions in _wbo_f
  6. Optionally create a hierarchy of business objects by defining sub business objects and connecting them to the parent business object in _wbo_f
  7. Define a function in _func, assign the function to an existing menu in _fma

… and you have built a function to maintain/display/upload/… MySQL table data in your new WENE application.

SQL queries and HMG processing functionality come in by macros assigned in the WAB functions.


Here the main business object (BO) is _DD_HEAD and the field mappings are defined in a sub business object _DD_FMAP.

Finally define your own WENE app in function _app and you have created a mySQL based application only or mostly with parametrization:

WENE app ab menu:

Of course this WebPage provides just a rough outline and not all parametrization tables available are mentioned.

WAB is a very powerful and flexible tool – it has to be, because all of WENE is built with it.