SAP consulting

We live in times of exponential growth and enjoy unprecedented prosperity. Goods are produced and distributed with increasing efficiency and less application of the valuable resource human labour. Added values increase while end consumer prices decline. Every enterprise struggling to be successful in the future needs to automate its business processes as far as possible.

Our team implements your business processes and optimizes existing processes in SAP R/3 with the overall objective of maximum automation.

Our approach is process oriented – not module oriented.

Together with you we …

  1. … analyze your current business process
  2. … define an optimized process in process overviews, blueprints and detail specifications
  3. … engineer the process prototype using customizing, ABAP coding and alpha testing
  4. … train your key users and support the productive process

We focus …

  • … on optimum and comprehensive utilization of SAP Standard functionality in the logistical modules MM, PP-SFC or PP-PI, SD, LE, QM and WM
  • … on detailled and conclusive enhancement specifications on field level